Golden Eye

Large outdoor landscape sculpture. Plenty of places to crawl into (if you can fit). This version lightweight for transport. Installed version in grey granite. About 6 feet high.

Love to Run

The spirit of a young woman on a runner's high.

60" High, 63" wide, either a wall or hanging piece.

Dance Dance

Two flat wall pieces getting down and dirty. 
60" high, 63" wide. Steel sheet with faux bronze finish.

The Guardians

A model for a large landscape piece to honor the many courageous people who serve our armed forces. Welded steel, aprox. 25 ft H. Total footprint about 40' x 70'.

Dream of the Walking Dune

Based on a singing itinerant sand dune that drifts around a lonely valley in Central Nevada, making deep, almost 
human choral sounds. White marble.
24” H x 18” D x 20” W. 


 A landscape piece that is a space bender.
 96” H x 6” W x 54” L. Fiberglass or Marble.

Abstract #2

 A landscape piece that flows from 
earth to sky. Stone or Fiberglass
83” H x 55” L x 36” W

Love Birds

Welded steel plate. Meant to convey peace and 
love. Ideally, an outdoor sculpture for a park or 
urban setting. Single gate or as an array. 
10’ H x 22’ wide x 3” thick.

Fossil 1

A piece inspired by diatom and radiolarian skeletons. Glazed ceramic. 15” L x 3” H x 5” W  

Outdoor Series: Moon Flower

A lunar piece. Alone or in a reflecting pool.
128” High x 52“ x 52“


Terra cota. 13” H x 8” W x 14” L. 


Gunnite concrete. Lotus a large abstract piece intended to stand in a reflecting pool. Full size: 20’ H x 12.5’ x 9.3’ 

Sojer Boy

A military-inspired piece. High fire ceramic. 21” H x 12” x 12”

Japanese Dancer

High fire ceramic. 34” H x 12” D x 24” L

Assateague Horse

Reconstruction of pony head. Sculptured over skull. Resin roll cast. 25” H x 10” W x 30” L.

Hathor from King Tut's Tomb (replica)

 Replica of Hathor ornamental sculpture, part of the bed support from the annex of King Tut’s tomb. Wood, gold leaf, lapis paste stars. Scale= ½ size. 42” H x 36” L x 5” D

From the Deep

An aquatic piece inspired by swimming reptiles of the Cretaceous seas. Made in fiberglass to float on anchor chain. Perhaps a group with different neck poses. 
75” L x 41” H x 32” W.

Stanchion Family

A humorous industrial family. Ceramic.
Group approx. 10” H and 10” W x 12” D. 

The Spirit of the Sea

Designed as a set of 3 in a fountain. Bronze.
 8” L x 5” H x 3” W. Full size 8 feet long each.

Tragic Mask

Unglazed ceramic mask. 8“ W x 12“ H.